The Best SEO is Social Bookmark Backlinking

Social Bookmark BacklinkingSocial bookmarking is used for a variety of purposes and various industries. Some people use this convenient service just to save links to favorite web sites, while the others want to share their interests with the world. Shortly after emergence of most popular social bookmarking websites it became evident that bookmarking is an effective search engine optimization method. This article will focus on social bookmarking in SEO.

It would be fair to say that search engine optimization is a major concern for most web site owners and webmasters. It is very important to have own website in Google’s top. Much traffic in most cases means much money.


Search engines consider various factors when ranking websites. Number of relevant back links and flow of targeted traffic are one of them. In this case we’re talking about relevant dofollow links published at respectable web sites with high PR. Social bookmarking websites are one of them. Moreover, Google likes such web sites, which means that if your web page becomes popular in bookmarking website it is more likely to get higher rankings with Google.

How are these back links built? It is simple. Every bookmark is a back link. There can be more than one bookmark for one website. For example, if your website seems interesting and appealing to the Internet users they will bookmark it as their favorite. The more bookmarks, the better.

It is possible to register with several social bookmarking websites. In fact there are hundreds of them. Thus, the more web sites a webmaster manages to cover, the more backlinks are created. However, it is imperative to choose worthy websites with dofollow back links.

Secondly, social bookmarking websites are perfect places for advertising. This increases traffic as more people will visit your website, and then possibly recommend it to their friends, and friends of friends. An avalanche effect is quite possible. Thus, it is really possible to double targeted website traffic within a very short period of time.